Coopered Bench

$2,400.00 – $2,600.00

A contemporary bench, the Coopered Bench speaks to the beauty of minimalism: anything in its form is essential – leaving only what’s functional to engender its beauty.



The Coopered Bench marks a launching point in Ren's aesthetic: it makes no concession to unnecessary ornamentation. Crafted with four tapered, solid, hand shaped legs, the bench uses wedged double mortise and tenon joinery, which is shouldered to eliminate the need for spreaders – leaving a strong, yet open and uncluttered stance.

The entire bench is crafted from a single piece of timber, ensuring beautiful grain and color matching. The seat joins seven staves at a slight angle, creating a coopered form. The faceted bottom forms a lovely contrast to its uninterrupted smooth curved top.

Ideal for an entry or kitchen, the Coopered Bench will welcome many generations home.


Product Information


42.5H x 39.5W x 137.5L (cm)

17H x 15 1/2W x 54L (inches)


Cherry, Walnut



Please contact us to create a piece made just for you, standard lead times of 10-12 weeks apply.


Blanket Chest

With decidedly Shaker roots, the design details of our Blanket Chest allow it to transcend tradition, allowing it to flourish in even more contemporary environments.

Shaker craftsmanship resounds throughout Blanket Chest in structure, form, and detail. The chest employs exposed dovetail joinery, which is as challenging to perfect, as they are beautiful.

Designed with a solid wood lower drawer with contrasting maple interior, the box provides two means of access – both front and top – making it ideal for separating contents according to the frequency of their use.



74H x 64W x 110L (cm)

29H x 25W x 43L (inches)


Cherry, Walnut, Ash, Maple



Please contact us to create a piece made just for you, standard lead times of 10-12 weeks apply.

Elijah's Bench


Elemental in form, with sophisticated joinery, Elijah's Bench allows the natural beauty of it's timber to shine through. Incredibly versatile, it is perfect for almost any task.



Shortly before our son turned 3, and was becoming too big to sit on the counter and help us cook, I built a small standing stool for him by hand. Cutting individual strips, flattening the top and bottom, and even using a bit and brace to ream the holes for legs.

We've used it every day since; in the kitchen to cook and bake, by the door to put on and take off shoes, changing the smoke detector batteries, and climbing up on the counters to splunk the cabinets for chocolate when nobody seems to be watching. 

We've loved every moment with that stool, and now we'd love to share it with you.


Good For the Environment

Built using solid wood lamination, it not only allows the full expression of a species character, but also saves high quality wood from the burn pile.


Product Information


40H x 29W x 52L (cm)

15 1/2H x 11W x 20L (inches)


Cherry, Walnut, Ash, Oak


Based On Availability

Wood availability is based on current and future projects happening in the shop. For stools not in stock, standard lead times of 2-4 weeks can apply. Please contact us to learn what is available.